International Journal of
Computational Linguistics and Applications

Vol. 5 No. 1 - January–June 2014


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Alexander Gelbukh, pp. 5–8

Semantics and topic classification

Semantic Similarity Measure Using Relational and Latent Topic Features
Dat Huynh, Dat Tran, Wanli Ma, and Dharmendra Sharma (
Australia), pp. 11–25

Joint word2vec Networks for Bilingual Semantic Representations
Lior Wolf, Yair Hanani, Kfir Bar, and Nachum Dershowitz
(Israel), pp. 27–42

Topic Classification using Latent Dirichlet Allocation at Multiple Levels
Diana Inkpen and Amir H. Razavi
(Canada), pp. 43–55

Sentiment Analysis and Truthfulness Detection

Sentiment Lexicon Generation for an Under‑Resourced Language
Clara Vania, Moh. Ibrahim, and Mirna Adriani (
Indonesia), pp. 59–72

Linguistic Features Predict the Truthfulness of Short Political Statements
Vivek V. Datla, King-Ip Lin, and Max M Louwerse
(USA, Netherlands), pp. 73–86

Syntax, parsing, and tagging

Label Pre-annotation for Building Non‑projective Dependency Treebanks for French
Ophélie Lacroix, Denis Béchet, and Florian Boudin
(France), pp. 89–103

Extending Tree Kernels Towards Paragraphs
Boris Galitsky, Dmitry Ilvovsky, and Sergey O. Kuznetsov
(USA, Russia), pp. 105–116

Automatic Recognition of Clauses
Oldřich Krůza and Vladislav Kuboň
(Czech Republic), pp. 117–128

Lessons learned from tagging clinical Hungarian
György Orosz, Attila Novák, and Gábor Prószéky (Hungary),  pp. 129–145

Author Index, pp. 147

Editorial Board and Reviewing Committee, pp. 149